Scottish Fold Munchkin cat

Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat | Characteristics, Health & Care

Scottish fold munchkin cats is a crossbreed from the Scottish fold and the Munchkin cat. They are also known as Scottish Kilts. They are known for their folded ears and short legs, producing the most beautiful and rare cat breed around the world.

Scottish fold originated from Scotland in 1961 from a cat known as Susie. It was a domesticated cat with a remarkable fold in the ears. A neighboring farmer and cat lover acquired one of the kittens with fold ears and bred the Scottish fold. Their fold ears are a result of the dominant gene. The Scottish Fold has a round face, big eyes, and fold ears that give it an owl- look.

Munchkin can also be referred to as a sausage cat because its round body is a new breed of cat categorized because of its short legs. The short legs are a result of gene mutation. They are a breed of dwarf cats.

Scottish Fold Munchkin cat

What is the Length and Weight of a Scottish Fold Munchkin?

These adorable felines grow to moderate size, and they are usually smaller than the average cat.


A fully grown Scottish Fold Munchkin weighs around 18- 20 cm approximately 7- inches. Smaller than an average cat that can be 23-25cm or 9-10[j1] inches.


The average length of Scottish Kilts from head to bottom is around 46cm that is about 15 inches with an additional tail length of 30 cm (12 inches). Their body is long-short legs.


A full-grown Scottish Kilts weighs between 3-4 kg (6-9 pounds) and female weighing 2-4 kg (4-8 pounds).

Life Span

The average lifespan of a healthy Scottish fold munchkin is 11-15 years.

How to Feed Scottish Fold Munchkin

You have acquired your cute Scottish kilts and wondering what the best diet to feed them? Here are the things you should look out for when shopping for your cats’ food. The Scottish fold Munchkin cat eats both wet and dry foods.


Your cat is a carnivore and needs protein daily. It’s not any other protein, and the cat needs animal quality proteins like fish, turkey, chickens, or beef. These proteins ensure your cat is healthy and gets all the nutrients it needs for growth.


Your kitten needs supplements like minerals and vitamins that are beneficial, ensuring proper development and growth.


Food with healthy fats provides energy for your Scottish fold munchkin, ensuring growth and development. Omega Fatty acids are essential for your cats’ healthy brain development and skin.


While ensuring your cat gets all the right nutrients and protein it needs, it is equally important the food is digestible so all the nutrients can be absorbed.

These are the essentials to check out when buying your cat’s food. It is crucial to feed your cat age-appropriate food. Give your cat clean water daily, change it at least twice a day, or see some debris on the water bowl.

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Home Made food for Scottish Fold Munchkin

If you want to make your Scottish fold munchkin homemade food and to wonder what you should make, here is a simple food your cat will enjoy any day. Raw meat like turkey, chicken, or beef, the liver will make a wonderful meal any time.

Remember, food poisoning can affect your cat; to avoid this, ensure the food is fresh and does not stay out for long. It’s advisable to warm your cats’ food, and it will enjoy the raw meat while it’s warmer.

Avoid too many carbohydrates; it may bring some discomfort to your cats’ digestive system. You can add fresh vegetables to adult cats’ food.

To ensure you do not overfeed your cat as it could lead to obesity, you should be fed at least two times a day with treats making 5-10% of its diet.

How to Clean Scottish Fold Munchkin

It’s essential to keep your Scottish clean and healthy. Here are ways to clean your cat.

Grooming Often

Brush you’re your Scottish fold munchkin once a week with a metal comb. Remember to brush both the abdomen and chest too.

Clip Your Cat Nails

Suppose you decide to clip your nails. It’s important to prepare it for the clapping. Start by massaging your cat toes for a few seconds daily; you can do this for a week. Press the pad to expose nails; if your cat is not comfortable, it will pull away, give it time and try again till its warm. Familiarize your cat with clipping sound by clipping a piece of macaroni near its ears.

Clip the nails well and be very careful not to clip near the pink part, it has blood vessels, and the cat may breed. For starters clip around three to four nails at a time until your cat gets used to it. Clip your cat’s nails 10 to 14 days.

Brushing Your Cats Teeth

Provide daily brush to your cut to keep it healthy. Do not use the regular human toothpaste, and it can make your cat sick. But the appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush specially made for cats on your local pet store.

To familiarize your cat with tooth brushing, start by touching and gently massaging its teeth. Put toothpaste on your cat’s lips to introduce it to the toothpaste taste. Now, add the toothbrush to your cat by pushing the lips and gently rubbing both teeth and gums. These steps should take a couple of weeks, and finally when your cat gets used to starting with brushing its teeth gently in a downward motion.

Cleaning the Ears

Clean your cat’s ears once every week to minimize ear infections. Use a tissue or cotton ball to clean your cat’s ears. Wet the cloth with water and apple cider vinegar solution for a thorough cleaning. Ensure your cat’s ears are light pink with no wax or dirt. Check the outer part of the ears for any bald or spots.

If you realize your cut had blood, too much wax, unusual swelling, or a bad smell from its ears, it’s good to take to the vet for a checkup.

Keep the Litter Box Clean

Empty your cats’ litter box twice a day, and you can result from emptying it in the morning and afternoon and adding clean litter. Wash the litter every two weeks with hot water and unscented soaps.

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Vet Consultation

Take your cat at least once or twice to the vet for routine checkups. Your cat needs to get vaccines for feline distemper, rabies, feline herpes, and feline calicivirus. These are must vaccines that your cat needs for healthy growth. Consult with the vet about proper food and grooming of your Scottish fold Munchkin.

It’s good to give your cat treats for accepting every step while trying to clean it. Alternatively, you can also take your cat to the pet store weekly for grooming.

What are the Health Problems for Scottish Fold Munchkin?

As they are a breed between the Scottish Fold and munchkin cat, they are delicate and need proper care. Munchkin cat is generally healthy, while the Scottish fold carries dominant genes that cause their folded ears.


Scottish fold munchkin can suffer arthritis from an early age even though it affects old cats. They can suffer from stiff bones, joint pains, which affect their tail too. It has no cure, and it’s not life-threatening, treating can reduce the pain.

Because of the dominant fold gene, some may have a flat face resulting in some eye discharge. It does not affect the cat or increase infection, but checking your cat is of utmost importance.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

It mostly affects old cats, and your Scottish Kilt may suffer from kidney disease from an early age. Some cats can have the condition without showing any symptoms. When your cat isn’t feeling well, it may vomit, lose weight, and get tired often. Take it to the vet as soon as possible.

Characteristic of Scottish Fold Munchkin

  • They adapt well with children and other family pets.
  • They are very affectionate.
  • They form a strong bond with the owner and will at times demand for attention which could make them aggressive if you ignore them.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Very exegetic and can run, jump, climb and play well.
  • They are generally quite.
  • Spend most of their time sleeping.
  • Photo genetic.

Best Games and Toys for Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish kilts are intelligent cats and need games to keep them stimulated, both physically and mentally. Puzzle games and teaser toys are perfect for keeping your cat entertained.

When purchasing toys for your Kittie, don’t buy toys that contain strings, ribbons, feathers, and cords. Avoid toys that are too small that are chewable. When a cat eats and swallows a toy, it blocks the digestive system, and your cat will need fast treatment, which can be costly.

Scottish Kilts enjoy being around people and love to spend some excellent time with their humans, especially the caregiver. Play with your cat for around 30 minutes a day or brushing.

Scottish fold Munchkin doesn’t like to stay by themselves, so if you are not home for long, it right gets them a companion, it can be another cat or dog.

Cost of Scottish Fold Munchkin

Scottish fold munchkins are costly, and the price may vary from one breeder to the other. A kitten of Scottish kilts goes around $ 1,200. The older Scottish fold munchkin is more costly. Their price may also vary depending on the color.

Where to Get Scottish Kilt

Scottish fold munchkin is rare to find compared to other cat breeds. Thus it’s when searching for one you need to look for certified breeders. The breeders need to follow specific criteria when breeding the Scottish fold and the munchkin cat.

Request to know if the cat you are about to bring home has a flexible tail, if the tail is flexible it is a sign of good Scottish kilt and, shows the breeder followed the right procedures when breeding.

They are two different cats, and when bred well a Scottish kilt is born, these cute and unique cats carry the dominant gene of their parents like the fold ears from Scottish fold and short legs from munchkin cat.


Scottish fold cats are very adorable and unique cat breeds. They are affectionate, loving, and are good with other pets around the house. Unlike other cat breeds that can be noisy and aggressive, Scottish folds munchkin are very quiet and may sleep much of the time and have a great bond with their owners.

They are rare and can be expensive; a demand has risen in recent years as many people are attracted and want to own one of these cute felines. You may have to pay and wait for your kitten to be born, which may take a few months.

When searching for a perfect pet, the Scottish kilt is an all-round package, and the Scottish kilt is a pet everyone would want around their house. They need gentle care to grow ideally.

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