How to Bond with your Cat, and Strengthen your Bond for a Lifetime

How to Bond with your Cat, and Strengthen your Bond for a Lifetime

Getting your Cat to love you is undoubtedly one of the quietest things to make out of your cats’ relationship. Do you want your Cat to enjoy your company? If yes, then welcome to my world! Right here will give you a complete guide on how to develop and strengthen the bond between you and your Cat.

So, what do you think about your cats? Can you tell your cats bonding nature? Do cats bond with only their owners or everyone they come across? Find out the right here in my article.

As humans, it’s only natural to build relationships with people around us because we are social animals and love to build relationships. We can do this by cooking together, buying gifts for each other, and sharing clothes with other humans. This applies to cats too.

Humans will love to create a relationship with cats by doing almost the same thing such as

  • Spending more time with them.
  • Letting their cat sleep on the same bed with them.
  • Cooking for their cats.

Before you go to do these exciting activities with your cats, don’t you want to know how to get started? I bet you do, well, and then find out!

How do Cats Create Bond

Cats are not social animals; they don’t acquire biological needs to form relationships. So don’t think of them as us. You will only get in the way of their emotions if we try to make them behave as we do.

Having this in mind, while trying to bond with your Cat will help you think carefully about developing a bond that is important to you both and not causing them stress.

We are on our way to finding out how possible it is to bond with your Cat. Cats are lovely animals that play a beneficial role, both emotionally and physically, in humans’ lives. They help to ease anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Cats are a center of focus and attention and a great source of physical comfort. If you’re not in a good bond with your Cat, you may not meet these benefits.

How to Bond with your Cat, and Strengthen your Bond for a Lifetime

Factors that could affect bonding with your Cat

However, the kind of temperament inherited from the parents and certain things he learns during the first tender weeks of his age can affect the bond created between you and your Cat.

When your cat starts to get older, at least from three to nine weeks of age, they begin to develop abilities that help them receive and reflect human interactions.

This period is termed the Socialization period.

During the first three weeks of a kitten’s life, if a lot of individuals handle him, men, women, and children of all age groups, he is likely to socialize more with people and develop a bond with them.

When a cat is about eight weeks old, his fear reaction sets in, if he has not been able to interact and socialize with people. He will find it challenging to socialize and interpret human behavior. He will be scared when you try to approach it and even display aggression techniques.

Another factor of a cat’s ability to socialize is the breed. Some cat species can develop a secure attachment with people quickly than other kinds can. Examples of these breeds are the Burmese and the Siamese species.

They are sort of social and have dog-like characteristics. For other species, before they create a bond or an attachment with their owners, they need to be around them more often as they grow and try to understand their owner’s emotions.

Cats aren’t social animals, but with our help, they can develop a secure attachment by teaching them how to do it at an early stage of life development.

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Who do Cat Bond with?

Looks like a funny question to ask, right? Cats are capable of developing an eternal bond with just one person over another. Here are some highlighted points that show why a cat will bond with a person other than the other

Who feeds them?

Food is one of the apparent reasons why a cat would prefer a person instead of the other. Food and water are vital resources required for survival, and anyone who consistently provides a cat with food is more likely to be loved by them.

Cats would go for who stresses them less

Some cats, others tend to spend tons of time trying to get their Cat’s attention by fussing over them. You might feel you are doing the right thing, but you are only contradicting their emotions, your needs aren’t meeting theirs, which puts them in stress.

Meanwhile, people who ignore the cats end up being who they end up bonding. The tendency of your Cat to bond with you, in this case, depends on how to handle it.

If a kitten is handled and reared by a person and not exposed to other people as he grows, he will only develop a bond with that person and be fearful of other people who don’t associate with him. However, it is not advisable; a cat is allowed to receive socialization at the required time.

Cat bonding behavior

We are going to find out how a cat does its bond with you. Check the cat bonding behavior out

There are various sign a cat will exhibit and they include;

  • Slow and friendly eye blinking.
  • A cooperative approach while wagging its tail vertically.
  • Staying close to you more often.
  • Purring and chirruping.
  • Face rubbing and head bunting.
  • They display a social roll by rolling over to show their belly.
  • Jumping on your lap.
  • When your cats are social rolling, this doesn’t mean you should touch their vulnerable body part.

Cat Bonding Issues

Cats need to maintain and control their development and also control their social environment. But, these needs can be distorted if bonding with their owners goes wrong.

These problems can be a result of Over- Attachment.

  • Over-attachment means trying to have an emotional bond with your pet, which is intense and makes them uncomfortable. During this situation, cats have behavior problems like destructiveness, urine spraying, house soiling, and certain disorders are triggered. Trying to be overly attached to your Cat does not only disturb you as an owner but also makes the Cat suffer from extreme anxiety and stress.
  • Some species of cats are highly interactive and reactive too, but besides that, they are sensitive and clingy. These species of cats are the type that tends to be overly attached to their owners. Cats like the Siamese are known to develop firm bonds with their owners.
  • There should be limitations to the human and Cat bonding relationship. The intense bonding is not advised and doesn’t help the Cat or the owners.


The cat early childhood and the level of socialization the Cat had experienced.


  • Kittens need a lot of play and interactions while adult cats prefer quiet and mere lapping.
  • The Cat’s individual and character and inherited temperament.
  • It is also essential you understand the kind of relationship your cats want.

Below is a step by step point on how to make your Cat develop and strengthen a bond with you;

Pet Them While They Eat

Cats feel safe when you are around them; this is not something you should say to a dog owner because some dogs won’t want you to get involved when they are having their dinner. Whenever you prepare your cat’s dinner, keep them around while they eat and try to become part of their meal experience.

Window watch with your Cat

Cats love to stare at the window, that’s why it is essential they have access to have a window. Studies have shown that cats spend hours staring out of the window. So, join them and stare at the birds in the sky for you to bond with your Cat.

Be aware of when they need space

When it comes to space, that’s important to cats just like it is to us. Sometimes, cats would want to be left alone.

They can tell you what they need and when they need it with their body language. If you see the cat ears flattened or they move their tails swishly, it means they should back off. Try to pay attention and respect when they want to be alone; they will love your company when they want to play.

Brush your Cat

Cats need to owe two brushes, one that gets the scrubbing job done and the other one the Cat is being comforted.

When you spend time brushing and grooming your Cat, they will become attached to you. Make that a routine at least daily and watch your cat bond with you.

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Let Your Cat Sleep With You

Letting your Cat in bed with you has proven to have many benefits; it will help you ease off stress and strengthen the bond between you and your Cat. You should also know that cats have crazy night hours, so leaving your door open during the night will be the best for a good night’s sleep between you and your Cat.
Share Your Food

Some human foods are safe for cats but don’t replace their diet with human food. You can share some food with your cats, such as peas, canned fish, cooked eggs, and roasted carrots. Take some time to share such foods with them, and it will go a long way to strengthen you and your cat relationship.


Having your cat bond with you can be the cutest thing to happen between you and your Cat. Humans love to socialize with their pets, and they love it too. However, always keep them around you, get them involved with your life and your activities, don’t leave them behind, and handle them gently.

Learn to bond with them ‘teach your cat to bond’ don’t force them to love they will, but gradually as you go through the guide, you are doing to enjoy your cat’s eternal bond.

Also, take note of the species of your cat and study them. This will help a long way too.

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