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Calm A Cat In Heat | 10 Effective home remedies to relief cat from stress

A queen who is yet to be spayed not can go into heat for three to four weeks all year round. When your cat is in heat, you will notice that it can get to be very uncomfortable, makes loud meowing that sounds like it’s going through pain and sprays around vertical walls with its urine. These signs show your cat is on heat.

It’s hard for your cat and even harder for you when you want to calm her down. It is a continuous cycle your cat will experience, and getting a long-term solution will be a great relief for both of you.

How to Calm Your Cat when in Heat

Acknowledge your Cat is in Heat

Before you start on any method to calm your cat, you need to make sure your cat is in heat by acknowledging signs like a sudden affection from your cat. A female cat on heat will rub against you more often and other objects around the house. When you stroke her on her back, she raises her back and moves her tail on the side.

The breeding season for cats is mainly from spring to late summer, and probably she might get on heat at this time of the year.

Isolate your Cat

When your cat is in heat, she gets excited, especially if she sees a male roaming outside and may try to escape. It’s best to isolate her, especially if you have a male cat around. Keep her in a room and close all windows with curtains so it cannot see outside.

Take your male cat to a friend’s house for around two weeks. When you isolate your female cat with a male about, they act furiously and end up mating. Alternatively, you can take the female cat to a friend’s house. If you usually take your cat for walks, cancel until she is back to her usual self. During the separation time, you can get a pet camera and play your voice recordings to the cat.

Keep Your Cat Distracted

Instead of taking your cat across the city to keep her distracted, simple things like cat toys can do the magic. You can opt to buy her a new exciting toy or any of her previous toys that she enjoys the most. The goal is to make her mind distracted.

Keep Her Warm

Giving your cat a wet warm towel or blanket to sit on may calm your cat. The method has worked for many cats, but it’s not a foolproof method for your cat. Each feline is different, but you should try the calming before you exclude it.

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A microwave heat pack may be a better option since it’s easy to reheat once it becomes cold. You can also get an electric pad or blanket.

Give your Cat Attention

Give your cat by playing more with her showering her with love and affection. Put her on your lap and brush her or pet for long hours. It will help calm down your cat and lower her stress levels and distract her mind from mating.

Clean the House

When your cat is on heat, she sprays all the vertical objects, including your walls, with her urine to attract a tomcat. A thorough cleaning of the house will remove the scent. Her litter, too, should be cleaned well to ensure there is no scent. If you happen to leave a little smell, your cat will not calm down and may urge your cat to continue marking her territory. It’s normal for male and female cats to keep their parts.

Pheromone Sprays

The best pheromone is Feliway that has a soothing effect on cats. It can be used on your cat when it becomes restless, spraying your home with urine, scratches the floor, or is acting up. It can take up to two weeks before it starts working. Once you are near breeding season, you can get so that it will be already in your cats’ system once the season begins.


Catnip is a herb from the mint family. Various cats act differently to catnip; some may calm down and relax while otters can get aggressive and excited. If you have never tried catnip on your cat and is not sure of her reaction, it’s advisable not to try; it may worsen things.

Try Herbal Remedies

There are plenty of herbal and essential oils on the market that are supposed to calm cats. Some people say it’s successful with their cats, but there is no sure remedy for cats. Cats are different and respond differently. Buy a lot of these oils and tinctures and try which your cat responds to best then stick with it. Your cat may not respond to any, so don’t buy a large portion if you aren’t sure.

Homeopathic Remedies

You can prepare this remedy by blending five flower essences that have been in use since the 1930s. It’s a glycerin-based and alcohol-free formula that can reduce stress and tension that your cat was maybe going through on its estrus cycle.

Be Patient

When cats are on heat, they can be irritating with their vocals and attempts to escape. Shouting and punishing your cat will not help calm down, the cats are acting naturally. Being patient and understanding what your cat is going through will make things easy for you and your cat.

Use Aromatherapy to Calm your Cat

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants to help calm your cat. Numerous essential oils are toxic to your cat, and you need to follow instructions strictly. Some essential oils are safe for your cat and are useful for your cat. These scents are:

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