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Calm A Cat In Heat | 10 Effective home remedies to relief cat from stress

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A queen who is yet to be spayed can not go into heat for three to four weeks all year round. When your cat is in heat, you will notice that it can get to be very uncomfortable, makes loud meowing that sounds like it’s going through pain, and sprays around vertical walls with its urine. These signs show your cat is on heat.

It’s hard for your cat and even harder for you when you want to calm her down. It is a continuous cycle your cat will experience, and getting a long-term solution will be a great relief for both of you.

Best way to calm a cat in heat is to be with them and make sure to reduce their discomfort and stress as much as possible. Use oils and other essential items to take care of your cat.

How to Calm Your Cat in Heat

These are best things you can do to keep your cat calm in heat.

  • Acknowledge your cat is in heat
  • Isolate your cat indoors
  • Keep your cat distracted
  • Make sure to keep her warm
  • Give your cat attention
  • Have a clean environment
  • Using of pheromone sprays
  • Making use of herbal remedies
  • Being patient with your cat
  • Using Aromatherapy

Acknowledge your cat is in heat

Before you start on any method to calm your cat, you need to make sure your cat is in heat by acknowledging signs like a sudden affection from your cat.

A female cat on heat will rub against you more often and other objects around the house. When you stroke her on her back, she raises her back and moves her tail to the side.

The breeding season for cats is mainly from spring to late summer, and probably she might get on heat at this time of the year.

Isolate your cat indoors

When your cat is in heat, she gets excited, especially if she sees a male roaming outside and may try to escape. It’s best to isolate her, especially if you have a male cat around. Keep her in a room and close all windows with curtains so it cannot see outside.

Take your male cat to a friend’s house for around two weeks. When you isolate your female cat from a male, they act furiously and end up mating. Alternatively, you can take the female cat to a friend’s house.

If you usually take your cat for walks, cancel until she is back to her usual self. During the separation time, you can get a pet camera and play your voice recordings to the cat.

Keep your cat distracted

Instead of taking your cat across the city to keep her distracted, simple things like cat toys can do the magic. You can opt to buy her a new exciting toy or any of her previous toys that she enjoys the most. The goal is to make her mind distracted.

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Make sure to keep her warm

Giving your cat a wet warm towel or blanket to sit on may calm your cat. The method has worked for many cats, but it’s not a foolproof method for your cat. Each feline is different, but you should try the calming before you exclude it.

A microwave heat pack may be a better option since it’s easy to reheat once it becomes cold. You can also get an electric pad or heated blanket.

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Give your cat attention as much as possible

Give your cat by playing more with her showering her with love and affection. Put her on your lap and brush her or pet her for long hours.

It will help calm down your cat and lower her stress levels and distract her mind from mating.

Have a clean environment

When your cat is on heat, she sprays all the vertical objects, including your walls, with her urine to attract a tomcat. A thorough cleaning of the house will remove the scent. Use odor spray to eliminate such scent.

Clean the litter box regularly to avoid scent. If you happen to leave a little smell, your cat will not calm down and may urge your cat to continue marking her territory. It’s normal for male and female cats to keep their parts.

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Using of pheromone sprays

The best pheromone is Feliway which has a soothing effect on cats. It can be used on your cat when it becomes restless, sprays your home with urine, scratches the floor, or is acting up.

It can take up to two weeks before it starts working. Once you are near breeding season, you can get it so that it will be already in your cats’ system once the season begins.

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Making use of herbal remedies

There are plenty of herbal and essential oils on the market that is supposed to calm cats. Some people say it’s successful with their cats, but there is no sure remedy for cats.

Cats are different and respond differently. Buy a lot of these oils and tinctures and try which your cat responds to best then stick with it. Your cat may not respond to any, so don’t buy a large portion if you aren’t sure.

Catnip: It is a herb from the mint family. Various cats act differently to catnip; some may calm down and relax while otters can get aggressive and excited. If you have never tried catnip on your cat and are not sure of her reaction, it’s advisable not to try; it may worsen things.

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Being patient with your cat

When cats are in heat, they can be irritating with their vocals and attempts to escape. Shouting and punishing your cat will not help calm down, the cats are acting naturally. Being patient and understanding what your cat is going through will make things easy for you and your cat.

Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants to help calm your cat. Numerous essential oils are toxic to your cat, and you need to follow instructions strictly. Some essential oils are safe for your cat and are useful for your cat. These scents are:

Lavender: they have a soothing sensation to humans and cats and use lavender to calm your cat when she is restless.

Frankincense essential oils: Frankincense oil is one of the scarce essential oils that are safe for your cat. It has a soothing and focusing effect on your cat.

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Other essential oils that are safe to use are geranium, lavender, cedarwood, cardamom, helichrysum, and spearmint.

While buying essential oil for your cat to ensure it’s purely organic, look for certification, verify the essential oil is safe for your cat, and evade essential oils with phenolic compounds. It’s necessary to consult your vet when planning to use essential oils.

Cats are also susceptible and avoid anything with citrus or any citrus-based oil. Ensure you keep the oils where your cat cannot access the oils on its own.

Spaying Your Cat

If you don’t want to go through the heat cycle issues again and spare your cat from going through the stressful process of failing to mate, you don’t want to litter kittens around your house. It’s essential to make a permanent decision to spay your cat.

What does Spaying Cat means?

Spaying or neutering is a routine that involves minor surgery where they removing female reproductive organs. It’s commonly known as spaying for female cats and castration for male cats.

Why Should I Spay My Cat?

Many vets recommend spaying your cat just before she attains her sexual maturity. You should neuter your cat if you do not want to breed. You shouldn’t be a breeder, you should spay her to avoid overpopulation.

There is a myth most probably you have heard that you should let your cat have a litter of kittens before you spay her. If you do not want to breed your cat, there is no need to wait until it has a litter’s kittens.

Will Spaying be Painful for my cat?

Spaying is not painful, and the cat goes through an anesthetic to guarantee the cat does not feel pain. The vet provides the cat with antibiotics to cope with after-surgery discomforts.

What’s the Right Time to Spay My Cat?

Six months is the right recommendation to spay your cat to avoid unwanted pregnancies? When adopting a cat enquire I it has been spayed.

How Long Will a Cat take to recover after Spaying?

After the surgery, your feline may feel dizzy but will feel better with time, maybe a week or so, although recovery depends on cats individually as the operations are different.

Advantages of spaying your cat

Healthier and Longer Life: Spaying your cat will help prevent breast cancer and uterine infections. The study shows 90% of cats who are safer from these diseases are fatal. Spaying your cat before the start of the first cycle will save is an added advantage.

  • Your Cat will go into Heat Cycle: Your spayed cat will not go through the estrus cycle around the house, spraying with urine and vocalist ion calling for a male.
  • Curb Naughty Behaviors: When your cat goes through spay, it will not go through any heat cycle and avoid the naughty behaviors that come with your cat being on heat like trying to escape with a male cat—marking territories and the loud meowing.
  • Keeps Your Cat from roaming: Cats on heat can run away from home for several days. When spayed, it will not run out and thus be safe from road accidents and fighting with other cats.
  • Your female cat becomes more gentle and affectionate.

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What Arrangements Should I Make to Spay my Cat?

First, you will need to visit your vet and book an appointment for the surgery day, and the vet may request a pre-anesthetic checkup. You will be asked not to feed your cat the day before surgery, ensure the water is available all day for your cat but take early morning to ensure the cat does not drink water just before surgery. You will drop off the cat and get here later in the day.

What is Post-Surgery Care after Spaying?

After your cat has gone through neuter, it may likely develop urinary tract problems that check if your cat has some behavioral issues like urinating more often, passing blood, or squatting without peeing.

Your cat will no longer be on heat, so she will not try to run or lose weight due to the heat cycle, and she will likely move less, thus gaining weight.


Dealing with your cat when in heat can be challenging, especially if it’s your first experience with no idea on how best to approach it. Learning a few tricks to save you and your cat from stressful days. Trying the above simple yet very effective ways will help calm down your cat.

A permanent fix is better for both the cat and you. It also comes with significant health benefits, and you will not go through the annoying habits of a heat cycle.

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