best and Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

10 Best and Safe Plants for Cats to Grow in your Home

Cats are generally known as sensitive pets, finding cat-friendly plants can be a severe duty. Many cat owners are plant lovers, too, and want to have a touch of class to the home environment. Yes, indeed, most plants do not go with cats; Some plants can be a source of danger to your cat’s health and will end up causing hazards.

Therefore, you should note and also be aware that even plants that are not dangerous to cats can also still make them vomit hairballs.

But here, we listed the best safe plants that you can add to your home décor, which are safe for your cat. You can decrease your stress (and your cat’ s discomfort) by choosing safe plants. Even plants that cats find attractive (like Catnip) may help keep them away from the aesthetic ones that you’re hoping to stay nibble-free.

best and Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

We are aware that cats love Catnip, but also know that some other plants give them their sensory blast. Plants that cats love to chew on, check out the list of plants discussed In this article are my top ten plants you can grow at home to create a kitty paradise that you will enjoy.

My top ten plants list is easy to grow and maintain; these plants can be grown in your garden, pouch, or used as home décor. If you have a cat and you are a plant lover, check out the list. Let’s ride on!

Calathea Genus

best and Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

Calathea family presents a variety of colorful cat-friendly plants. A couple of my favorites include the rattlesnake and painted rose. These plants possess variegated sharp green leaves with red undersides. They are suitable and easy to care for if there’s a right humidity level in the room, and they don’t get heated by direct sun.

These plant species get used to intense tropical climates and ensure you care well for them to keep away from cold. When its springtime, these plants don’t like to get dry, so ensure you keep the plant pot moist during the year’s spring period. Also, these lovely guys will aid in purifying the air in your home.

Friendship Plant

Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

This plant has excellent texture and color throughout its leaves, which adds to a great home or room decor. These are known as attractive and also appealing.

Besides wanting to be warm and have an excellent environment with beautiful humidity, these plant species are natural to nurture, ensuring they don’t get dried. If you have a cat, then the friendship plant is another excellent choice to consider.

The plant can survive when humidity is high and bloom well in little or no light areas of your home and exposed to several light hours a day. The friendship plant does not like to be under direct sunlight; sunlight makes their leaves yellowish and dulls the plant color.

If you notice your friendship plant getting all dull and yellowish, it means the plant is getting too much sunlight. You can water the plant by sprinkling and let the upper soil dry first before handful again.


Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

These plants get classified as the mint family, which has earned its reputation as a favorite for cats. Although its intoxicating effects only affect about 50% of cats, cats love to play with them.

Catnip is non-toxic, easy to grow, and drives many cats to joyful frenzy. Of course, number 10 is Catnip. If you don’t add a Catnip to your home plants’ collection, your cat won’t play with any. Catnip is the one we all think of when we look for a plant to stimulate our cat. Did you know, however, how it works? Well, find out!

The nepetalactone oil contained inside the plant binds to cats’ olfactory receptors, giving them that temporary euphoric high. Response to Catnip is hereditary, and 70 to 80% of adult cats go crazy for it. It is an excellent plant for humans, not only because it comes in so many pretty colors (lavender, blue, pink, white, lilac, spotty), but also we can use it for other purposes.

It’s excellent for ailments such as migrates, crams, gas, indigestion, insomnia, anxiety, and reducing swelling from arthritis.

Thyme and Parsley

Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

These are herbs that grow in the garden, and they are safe for your cats, even if your cat ends up nibbling on it. You may grow them in your yard if you don’t have them. Also, they produce a sweet fragrance when chewed.

Herbs are also pretty easy keepers. Parsley requires a more bottomless pot and likes more moisture than thyme, but give these plants need the right amount of sunlight, and you’ll have to set.

Areca Palm

Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

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Areca plants can be grown if you have space left in your garden, and you want to produce a rare plant. The Areca Palm, found in most garden centers, is straightforward to grow as long as they have enough light, but again, it’s indirect and is not over-watered. They don’t like having wet roots.

Make sure you use well-draining soil. Also, this is another plant in the air-purifying category. Areca palm purifies the air. Not only is this a very stylish and on-trend plant at the moment, but the palm fronds are quite similar to grass, meaning that cats love to munch on them.

One of the significant features about the Areca Palm is that it is easy to care for, which means that you and your cat should get years of enjoyment out of it as long as you water it regularly.

Boston Fern

Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

Be cautious if you choose to grow a fern in your yard or garden. The Boston fern scientifically called Nephrolepis exaltata is not harmful; however, few other species are. Bosons are an excellent idea for home and room decor. 

It is another cat-friendly plant that can do well in a more shaded area of your home. They can’t survive in a dark place and would like some sporadic light, but they’ll just bloom farther away from a window. 

This plant blooms in natural, humid forests and swampy areas throughout Florida, South America, Mexico, and Africa. Many ferns have been exported to other parts of the world as decorative plants thanks to their ability to thrive with little care and low temperature; their non-toxic nature makes them accessible for pet owners.

If you notice your cat feeding or spit out Boston Fern leaves, don’t panic because, as mentioned above, they are generally safe plants. Sometimes too much munch of it by your cat can cause stomach irritation, but the real damage affects the plant instead of the cat.


Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

Not only is Lemongrass a beautiful looking tropical herb grass that’s great for cooking with, adding flavor to Asian, Thai and fusion recipes, but it also smells uh-may zing! It’s a sweet, lemony scent often enjoyed by humans and felines alike, and it is excellent for your cat to have a nibble.

Did you know it is unique to relieve stomach disorders, insomnia, respiratory disorders, fever, aches, infections, rheumatism, and edema.

African Violet

Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

These adorable, cat-friendly houseplants are indoor classics, beautiful yellow centered flowers. Their petals contain dim shades of white or deep purple. They can keep at home where it will receive low and bright sunlight. African violets thrive in a moderate environment with proper humidity, so pick a spot away from cold drafts to display yours.

There are many African violet species to select. You can decide to depend on your tastes, find a violet to go with just about any room’s angle. They love bright light, but too much direct sunlight can burn them. Be careful not to over-water this plant and note that they’re not fond of overly cold water.

African violets also appreciate a humid environment. While they are easy to care for, they require and recognize some attention and show pruning signals. Some of the attention they display includes light misting. Don’t leave them or dip them inside plenty of water.

Ponytail Palm

Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

For people who want to keep plants but devote little time to watering it, this plant is ideal and excellent for cat owners. These ponytail palms have already retained water in their bulbous trunks, which allows them to go for a very long time without proper watering, you don’t need to water a lot, they are easy to maintain.

During the wintertime, they prefer even less water due to low temperatures. They bloom indirect bright light, but they are also excellent— place them in a corner where they can receive bright light and watch them thrive.


Safe Plants to Grow While Having a Cat

Sunflower plant is an excellent nature touch when placed at the center of the room table. Having a single yellow blossom can light up space. Considering that many cats have a large appetite for food, sunflower seeds are known as tasty snacks for your cats. Sunflower seeds are a healthy protein source for kitties.

Cats get nutrients from the sunflower seeds they eat. The seeds have a high level of vitamins such as B5, B1, and vitamin E. It also contains a sufficient amount of copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and foliate.

Cats make use of their taste and smell senses to dictate what kind of food they prefer. Cats and Behavior state that cats use flavor to recognize healthy foods. However, cats like to eat sunflower seeds because it contains a light level of protein.

Signs That Your Cat Needs a Vet

Cats do not always show it when they are getting unhealthy, and because of this, you won’t notice these signs immediately. The few signs explained below will help you detect if your cat is not healthy and needs medical attention.

Watch out for abnormal behavior that accompanies vomiting hairballs, such as lethargy or drooling. Get your kitty checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible if they display these signs and symptoms.

Although it may seem challenging to find out cat-friendly plants, you can find lovely plants to make your home pleasant without distressing yourself or your feline friend with some time and research. Soon enough, you’ll realize that the only constraint will be a lack of space!

What’s The Challenge?

Sometimes during your search, you’ll find conflicting information regarding a specific plant you want. Check with your vet doctor, or discard the plant. 

As discussed above that cats may vomit even when they eat safe plants. You shouldn’t be concerned about this. Providing your cat with a green plant that is safe to snack on helps them fulfill a purpose.

Some of these plants and grasses help plants wash off their digestive systems and an excellent alternative to feeding on if they are hungry.

It would remove feathers, fur, and bones that would otherwise be difficult to pass. In your home, this can help to clear fur balls. It may be frustrating, but please don’t get angry with your pet for doing what is natural.   

You will also notice that your dear cat will most assuredly go searching for a rug to perform this business. I don’t know why. But you’ll get good at cleaning up cat vomit. You’ll probably get particular about rug selection too! Solid barf comes up quite nicely with a spatula and is an excellent cleaning tool for your cat’s rug.


Are a lot of plants and plant combo ideas are popping into your end right now? With the plants explained above, you are one-stop close to picking out appealing plants for your home with your cat’s company.

However, when selecting these plants, ensure you pick the type of plant that you can easily maintain and not spend so much time on. Take care of your plant as needed and see it bloom and add that classy touch to your environment.

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